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School Council

The Ferrars Academy School Council





On Thursday 20th September children at The Ferrars Academy voted for one boy and one girl in their classes to be their school council representatives. The children had created posters and displayed them around the school to campaign for votes. They were then able to vote for their representatives throughout the day in the DT room where booths were set up for a secret ballot. Their classmates picked the candidates they thought would be able to represent them well, get their voices heard and are great role models for the school. On Monday 24th September we had an assembly to announce the successful candidates from each class.

Congratulations to our winner and commiserations to our runners up it was a very close result! Our lucky winners are:





  • Ethan & Inaaya
  • Yakub & Abeda


  • Joseph & Tayyaba
  • Inaaya & Ethan


  • Musa & Macie
  • Aatmaja & Muhammad


  • Nihaal & Kriti
  • Qamar & Fatimah


  • Panashe & Kadmiel
  • Zara & Akarsh


  • Yusaf & Kaitlin
  • Ava & Denis


  • Nathan & Izabella
  • Tayeba & Ariel


  • Darren & Kylah
  • Hamza & Kaarniha


  • John & Fahtema
  • Cyriak & Du’A
















Here are some of the photos from the elections:




The Ferrars Academy School Council 2018-2019

School council will be very busy this year we are to be involved in the following projects:


Autumn term

  • Selling poppies for Remembrance day
  • Create crafts for school fundraising
  • Introducing our new deputy head in assembly
  • Road safety- promoting safe parking and wearing seat belts
  • Introducing Playground Buddies

Spring term

  • Road safety- promoting safe parking and wearing seat belts
  • Evaluating Playground Buddies
  • Other projects TBC

Summer term

  • Road safety- promoting safe parking and wearing seat belts
  • Fundraising at the summer fete
  • Other projects TBC













New Project - Year 2 corridors

The children of the School Council met with Miss Green to discuss decorating the Year 2 corridor.

They came up with some brilliant ideas which Miss Green will share with the teachers.  This is a very exciting project that the School Council have been asked to be involved with.

Watch this space!!


Please take a look at our leaflet we have made to remind people about road safety. We will be handing out the leaflets to parents when we patrol near the school gates.

During Spring term, School Council have successfully been able to patrol the road outside the school. The children worked hard to produce leaflets and posters to help raise awareness of parking considerately and safely. We were lucky enough to have traffic wardens accompany us during one of our patrols to help enforce better, safer parking. The children enjoyed speaking to adults about the signs and what they mean. Well done School Councillors!




The School Council have been carrying out surveys in the playground for the LPPA.

They have asked the parents if they like

  • the inside of our school
  • like our school uniform



During our meeting this week we met up with Miss Jennings. She came in and updated us on the LPPA. She told us that an assessor named Jeanne Le Bars will come into school on Tuesday 19th March 2019 and speak to some of the children and adults. She updated us on the improvements that have been made such as signs to direct visitors around the school and questions that the parents have answered on the playground. We then handed out questionnaires to classes to ask what activities they would like parents to come into school and do with their children.


This term we have continued working on the LPPA award. We have been carrying out parent questionnaires on the playground and delivered feedback of the results in assemblies to the children. We also carried out road safety patrols which were successful and have had lots of praise from parents, guardians and members of public. We are looking to expand our patrols into Cloisters Road where parents have highlighted issues of parked cars and dangerous driving.

Some members of the school council will be speaking to the participants of Time for Tea regarding our road safety campaign we are hoping to invite them along to one of our patrols.

A few members of the school council are going to meet the LPPA advisor regarding our school and how parents are involved and how the school works alongside them. As we are a voice of the pupils, we have given questionnaires for each class to discuss and explore ideas of activities we could do which involve parents/carers and invites them into school more often.

Continuing our successful launch of the playground buddy system, we had a positive impact on the playground. Therefore this will be an ongoing responsibility of the KS1 school council members.


School Council have been busy raising awareness of Remembrance Day. They have been going to classes selling poppies, rulers, sharpeners, pencils, reflectors, rubbers and sharpeners to raise money on behalf of the British Legion. We have had the opportunity to speak to the adults from time for tea and we explained what Remembrance Day is and how it is marked. After our presentation we sold the Remembrance Day merchandise and helped to serve sandwiches to them.


To look at what we have discussed please click on the minutes and agendas below: