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Our Vision and Aims

At The Ferrars Academy, we wish to encourage and foster the development of each child intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally within a caring and secure atmosphere. We endeavour to ensure that our school is a caring community and our children are sensitive to the needs of others; a community in which all members have a sense of fairness and justice and that the contribution of each member is valued.

This, we believe will lead to a high standard of behaviour and the promotion of good manners and courtesy not only during the time children spend at the Academy but throughout their life ahead.

We aim to:

  • provide an environment where children are valued as individuals for we believe that children learn most when they feel secure;
  • encourage children to develop pride, independence and confidence in themselves and their work;
  • help children develop self-discipline and respect for each other and the environment around them;
  • promote an atmosphere where children can develop their own abilities but also appreciate that co-operation and tolerance are essential for good working relationships;
  • create an atmosphere which encourages sharing and caring; promotes good citizenship and community values;
  • encourage a healthy lifestyle by promoting healthy living, good diet, exercise and emotional well being;
  • develop a growth mindset in all pupils.