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Growth Mindset


Our Ethos

At The Ferrars Academy we are determined to enable all children to succeed and achieve. Developing challenge and encouraging children to keep trying are the foundations of Growth Mindset.

The more effort children apply the greater the gains. Our teaching and learning therefore is focused on celebrating the process and effort children apply rather than the attainment they achieve.

Well done, you used a number line to solve the problem
WOW! You never gave up

In school, children are exposed to Believe You Can as a phrase verbally and as a phrase featured on many of the walls. At The Ferrars Academy Growth Mindset is  firmly embedded it in our teaching and learning to instil in the children that they can always achieve what they want, no matter how difficult it may seem!

Believe You Can

In every classroom and throughout the school Growth Mindset has a huge impact on children's attitudes towards their learning. It is evident children use the phrases about their own learning and when encouraging their peers. Children are more persistent when trying new or difficult activities and they understand the term resilience; the importance of continuing to try even if you fail the first time.

In school children have a Growth Mindset lesson every half term and we also have Growth Mindset assemblies regularly. 

The key aspects of Growth Mindset are:

  • We celebrate making mistakes – we can learn from them;
  • We never give up – perseverance is the key if we are to succeed;
  • We learn from each other;
  • We don’t compare ourselves with others;
  • We challenge ourselves and take risks;
  • We remember that our brains are making new connections and growing all the time

Look out for opportunities to learn something new with your child. It may not be easy but “Believe You Can” and anything is possible.