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  • Feeling Safe

    We want children and adults to feel safe at The Ferrars Academy.

    Please help us by:

    • Making sure your child is accompanied safely onto the school playground and supervised by an adult until the teaching staff collect the class from the playground
    • Keeping the walkways clear when the children are walking into school so they can make their way to their class safely
    • Collecting your child at the end of the school day on time
    • Keeping entrances and exits clear so children can get out safely and easily see the adult collecting them
    • Parking cars safely, appropriately with respect for others. Keeping areas clear for children and families to cross safely and following parking and road safety laws.
    • Reporting to the school office if you arrive at the Academy any other time other than the start or end of the school day
    • Letting us know if you are going to be delayed in collecting your child so that we can reassure them
    • Informing the school if your child has injured themselves or has not been feeling well
    • Telling us if you see anything suspicious or dangerous on school grounds or in the surrounding area
    • Making sure that main doors and gates are closed securely after entering/leaving the building
    • Notifying the school immediately of any changes in contact or home arrangements
    • Working with the school in supporting its policies and procedures and by signing the Home School Agreement and talking about it to your child.

    All adults have a responsibility to ensure that children are safe and happy. All pupils are expected to show consideration, courtesy and respect towards others

    Sometimes children:

    • Upset each other
    • Play unsuitable games
    • Test the boundaries
    Forget the rules

    Please help us to remind your child of the rules and what acceptable behaviour is. 

    The school has many rewards in place which encourages consistent good behaviour. There are also age appropriate sanctions for when poor behaviour is displayed. Children are taught and shown the expectations and rules to follow in school.  They are reminded of these rules and are encouraged to think of some of their own.

     Unkind behaviour will not be tolerated at The Ferrars Academy and action will be taken promptly and firmly to address the issue. Opportunities for children to discuss appropriate behaviour and relationships are found through the following means:

    • Assemblies
    • Direct teaching through PSHE, R.E and Science
    • Circle time, cooperative group work and one to one discussion

    If your child tells you they are unhappy at school, make sure they know that they can talk to any grown-up at school.

    Who do I contact if I have any concerns or worries?

    If you as a parent/carer have any worries, then your first point of contact should be your child’s class teacher. You can also talk to the school’s Family Worker, Miss Jennings who will assist you with any issues you may have.

    We have a duty to protect the children in our care

    If we have concerns about a child because of something they tell us, the way they behave or through a report from someone else we usually try to discuss this with parents/carers first.  If we feel a child needs help, or we have concerns that we cannot resolve, then we have a duty to seek advice and report those concerns to Children’s Services Social Care.

    Children have the right to feel safe

    In school we talk to the children about things such as road safety, safe places to play, online safety, acceptable behaviour and strangers.  Please talk to your child about these things and together we can help keep your child safe and happy.


    We have a dedicated Safeguarding Team at The Ferrars Academy.  Please report any concerns regarding a child to the Designated Safeguarding Officer or in her absence one of the Deputies.


    Designated Safeguarding Officer

    Miss Sarah Green - Principal

    Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officers

    Mrs Sarah Kelly - Vice Principal

    Miss Marie Jennings - Family Worker

    Mrs Supriya Shrestha - Teacher

    Our full Safeguarding Children policy, Behaviour policy and Anti-Bullying policy are available on our school website. They are also available in the waiting area of the main school office to read.

    Useful Contacts

    The Ferrars Academy

    Family Worker: Miss Marie Jennings - 01582 573641


    Tel: 0808 8005000

    email: help@nspcc.org.uk


    RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)

    Tel: 0121 2482000

    email: help@rospa.com