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Learning Leaders

Welcome to our Learning Leaders page

Learning Leaders is a group of children that have been selected by their class teachers as they are working at greater depth in various areas of the curriculum. Due to Covid-19 we currently have  Learning Leaders from Year 1 classes only. We hope to have Year 2 Learning Leaders at some point in the future. The Learning Leaders meet up every Wednesday at 12 o’clock for 30 minutes in Turquoise Class with Miss Mekota.

Our Learning Leaders are:

Aroosh, Madiha and Yaseen in Green Class

Alaynaa, Antonio and Subhan in Pink Class

Aleeza, Gabriel and Thushi in Turquoise Class

Each term the Learning Leaders will be focusing on different projects. The aim of each project is to utilise the individual skills and talents of the children within the group. In our meetings we discuss the project that we are working on, evaluate what we have done so far and carry out the activities that need to be completed to take the project to the next stage.

Our current project this Autumn Term is organising donations of toiletries, hats, gloves, socks, and other useful equipment to help a local homeless charity in Luton. 

This involves the children: 

  • Learning about homelessness and local homeless charities.
  • Designing posters encouraging members of staff to donate toiletries and other goods to the charity which will be displayed around the school.
  • Visiting the staffrooms to tell staff about the homeless donation box and asking them to bring in their donations to help this worthwhile cause.
  • Writing a letter to the charity to explain what we are doing and why.
  • Giving the charity the donations.

During the Spring Term we will be focusing on the Money Challenge. The Learning Leaders will be given an equal sum of money and their challenge is to see who can make the most money from that initial amount. We look forward to thinking up inventive and creative ways to make a profit.

During the Summer Term the children will be brainstorming ideas of products to design and make such as fridge magnets, key rings, cupcakes, or pencil pots. We would normally sell our products at the Summer Fete, however due to Covid-19 restrictions the fete might not be held, in which case we will find another way to sell our products, possibly organising a Learning Leaders stall at lunchtime.

The Learning Leaders group promotes the children’s confidence and self-esteem by developing their skills through interesting and worthwhile activities. Children learn how to co-operate with each other and work collaboratively on each project. Being involved in all stages of development from their initial ideas to the final part of the process gives the children ownership of what they can create and achieve and also gives them a sense of pride.