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Travel Titans

What is the role of a Travel Titan?

The Travel Titans will work closely alongside Miss Jones to complete work for our school travel plan. They will support in promoting active travel and in educating our pupils on road, bike and scooter safety. They will help carry out and promote events throughout the year, they will carry out assemblies which will be videoed and sent to the other classes and they will help run competitions and campaigns across the school.

Appointing our Travel Titans

On the week beginning the 21st September the Year 1 children had an assembly outlining the work that Travel Titans do. The children put themselves forth to become a Travel Titan and names were chosen at random with the children. At this point in time, we have only elected Year 1 Travel Titans to ensure that we are not cross-mixing between bubbles. However, when guidance and restrictions allow we will elect Year 2 Travel Titans to become a part of our working group.

Our Travel Titans are:

Jibraeel Green Class
Micah Pink Class
Ava Turquoise Class

Travel Titans' Agenda

  • Elect Travel Titans
  • Make posters to promote walk to school month
  • Be safe be seen campaign – record an assembly
  • Road safety week – promote event and help pick the winners of a poster competition


The Travel Titans will also discuss and learn about:

  • The benefits of active travel
  • The Green Cross Code
  • Safe bus and train travel

The Travel Titans will discuss and learn about:

  • Road safety around schools – look at measures to keep the outside of our school safe e.g. speed bumps, zig zags and 20 speed limit

  • Traffic count – tally the types of vehicle they see passing the school

  • Types of crossing and safe places to cross


  • Promote Happy Shoes Day and support in deciding the winners of a competition
  • National Bike Week 5-13 – Children to record and assembly to inform pupils across the school about bike safety
  • Undertake a Bike/Scooter count

The Travel Titans will discuss and learn about:

  • The benefits of walking on the environment

Walk to school month

The children had their first meeting in October. We discussed what their role as a Travel Titan would be and their prior knowledge of active travel. The children then discussed walk to school month and how they could promote this to the other children. They decided to create posters to add to our Travel Titans display.