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Healthy Breakfast Workshop March 2020

Jamie from Total Wellbeing Luton held a Healthy Lifestyle session for parents focusing on Healthy Breakfast choices.  

Parents learnt how to add different food groups to their child's breakfast and how to balance the choices correctly. Parents shared their breakfast ideas and Jamie advised parents on how to add sweetness naturally through adding fruits and yoghurt to make every day breakfasts more exciting like Weetabix. Parents were shocked to learn how much sugar content were in some of the breakfast cereals their children ate. Jamie explained the effect that refined sugar and processed oats can have, leaving a child feeling hungry mid-morning. A child feeling hungry will find it hard to concentrate and therefore struggle with their learning.  

Parents were given some examples of healthy breakfasts that were filling and release energy slowly which would keep a child full until lunch time. The children then joined their parents for an activity involving selecting foods from food groups encouraging healthy choices for breakfast. Jamie then set the children a challenge of trying their new breakfast at least three times during the week.

We hope to have Total Wellbeing back to talk about healthy lunches in the summer term.

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