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Our children follow a carefully planned, rich and balanced curriculum during their years at the Academy. 

The curriculum in Early Years centres around the Early Years Development Matters Document and staff meet regularly to plan the children’s learning around half termly topics.  They also value the need to allow children’s personal interests and daily situations to lead the learning and can adapt planned sessions as required.

We ensure that provision is made for the different starting points from which children develop their learning. The curriculum in the Early Years allows for children to engage in activities planned by adults and also those that they initiate themselves.  Children are encouraged to engage purposefully both indoors and outdoors.

In Key Stage 1 we follow the National Curriculum.  Coverage is taught through topics in discrete subjects although teaching staff will naturally look for cross curricular links where appropriate to help reinforce the learning and make education more relevant.

Across the academy we see the value in planning for enrichment activities such as visitors to the school coming to speak, visiting workshops, day trips out, outdoor learning, participating in inter/ intra school learning activities and competitions which all help to provide a diverse curriculum, which is broad in learning opportunities.