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Early Years

Information for Parents

Please make use of the learning packs and activities listed below. We have also provided a sample timetable which may help you to organise a learning routine. Home learning will be a very strange experience for our children. Whilst we would keenly encourage you try to keep up some educational learning every day it is also important that children have time to play.

Please do not think children need to sit and complete worksheet after worksheet, practical learning and exploring is just as effective at a young age.

Try to make it a fun time rather than a stressful experience!

Please click on Learning Project Overview PARENTS to understand how the projects work. Once you have read this click on the project you want and download the PDF.  The projects will be used in the event of a shutdown for the Corona Virus or self isolation of your child.


Timetable Timetable
Practical Ideas Practical Ideas
Week 1 Learning Project - My Family
Week 2 Learning Project - The area you live in
Week 3 Learning Project - Viewpoints
Week 4 Learning Project - Animals
Week 5 Learning Project - Environments
Week 6 Learning Project - Food
Week 7 Learning Project - Celebrations
  Nursery Task a Day 1
  Nursery Task a Day 2
  Nursery Task a Day 3
  Reception Task a Day 1
  Reception Task a Day 2
  Reception Task a Day 3