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Learning Leaders

Welcome to our Learning Leaders page.

Our Learning Leaders have been selected by their teachers as being more able in various areas of the curriculum. We currently have 14 Learning Leaders from Years 1 and 2. The Learning Leaders meet up every Wednesday lunchtime at 12 o’clock, usually in the Round Room.

Year 1

Green   Ethan and Inaaya                                                                             

Turquoise   Solomon and Ayesha                                                                             

Pink   Keanu and Aaminah

Year 2

Orange   Yusaf, Samuel and Kaitlyn

Purple   Kadmiel, Timea and Karim

White   Nisha and Jayda


Each term the Learning Leaders will be focusing on different design projects. The aim of each project is to utilise the skills and talents of the children within the group. We begin by brainstorming ideas of what we would like to make for our current project; the children also ask their family and friends for ideas and as a group we decide on what is achievable to create within our weekly sessions. In our meetings we discuss the project that we are working on, what we have done so far and get on with the activities that need to be covered that week. 

This involves the children:

  • Drawing design plans and choosing their favourite design to make.
  • Writing a list of equipment needed and instructions of how they will make it.
  • Thinking of costings - identifying which materials will give us the best value for money and then deciding how much to sell their products for to try and make a profit.
  • Making their products so that we have lots to sell.
  • Designing posters to advertise their products around school.
  • Creating ‘adverts’, writing a script together and filming them.
  • Making posters and price labels to display on the stall.
  • Helping to sell their products to customers, handling money, giving change and simple stocktaking.
  • Using the stocktaking sheets to calculate how much money was made.

Learning Leaders aims to develop and improve the children’s skills and abilities through interesting and fun design-based activities.

Autumn Term

During the Autumn Term the Learning Leaders designed, baked and decorated gingerbread biscuits which were sold at the Christmas Fayre. They had to think about where we should buy the ingredients from to give us the best value for money and then decided on a price to sell the decorations at so we could try and make a profit. During our meetings the children followed their design plans and created lots of decorations to ensure our stall was well stocked. They really enjoyed icing their decorations. The children also had to think about how to advertise our stall. Colourful posters were made and put on display around the school. The Learning Leaders were also responsible for designing the signs and price labels used on the stall. During the Christmas Fayre the children helped to serve the customers, handle money and give change, make sure the stall was restocked and keep a record of what was sold. In our follow up meeting we worked out how much money we had raised (just under £25) and found that the gingerbread men and reindeer were the most popular gingerbread biscuit designs.

Spring Term

In the Spring Term we have been busy thinking of our next creative project. The children have generated ideas and decided to create notepads and pencil pots. They have been working on drawing interesting and colourful designs which they will use to turn recycled materials into products that we can sell. We cannot wait to start creating our new products.

Summer Term

In the Summer Term we will focus on designing, making and selling items such as fridge magnets, key rings or cupcakes at the Summer Fete. Other design projects will be added depending on the children’s interests and ideas.

Thank you to all the Learning Leaders for your hard work so far this year!