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Online Safety Ambassadors & Committee

We have recently formed an Online Safety Committee and Online Safety Ambassadors at Ferrars. 

Purpose of the Group

The Ferrars Academy Online Safety Committee is a group with representatives from across our school community.  The committee is responsible for discussing issues regarding Online Safety and will monitor the Online Safety policy and discuss the impact of Online Safety initiatives.

Committee Members

The committee will endeavour to include representatives of the whole school community.  On our team are:



Sarah Green

Principal /  Safeguarding Officer

Carole Tompkins

Safeguarding Governor

Hazel Kelly


Jason Jones

IT Technician

Kirsty Armstrong

Computing Co-ordinator / Teacher

Carly Thomas

PSHE Co-ordinator / Teacher

Lisa Branford


Gurvir, Matei, Keenyah, Nadini, Akari, Derinsu, Izabella and Muhammad Fida



Online Ambassador Blurbs

Gurvir - "I am 6 and my favourite colour is green and my favourite hobby is sport.  I like to search online about animals and I really enjoy helping people".

Matei - " I am 7 years old and my hobby is gardening.  I like helping my mum with the gardening.  My favourite colour is green and I use Purple Mash at home on my computer.  I like playing the games on there".

Izabella - "Hello, My name is Izabella.  I am 6 years old and I like playing games on CBeebies.  I enjoy being an Online Ambassador because we do fun things".

Muhammad Fida - "My name is Muhammad Fida, I am 6 years old.  I like playing football and I like going on the computer too.  My favourite game is on CBeebies". 

Keenyah - "My name is Keenyah.  I am 7 years old and I love to dance and playing on CBBC on my computer at home.  My favourte colour is red.  I enjoy being an Online Ambassador".

Derinsu - "I am 6 years old and I like to play Hide and Seek and tag with my friends.  I enjoy playing on my Ipad at home".

Nadidni - "I am 6 years old.  I like playing games on Purple Mash.  My favourite colour is purple.  I enjoy playing with my frends.  I love coming to the ICT Suite at lunchtome to play games ont he computer".

Akari - "I like the colour gold and I am 7 years old.  I like playing on my IPad with my cousin.  My hobby is football.  I like to play it as much as I can". 



Friendship Week

As part of National Friendship Week our Online Ambassadors discussed what qualities makes a good friend. Have a look at our videos - we have certainly got some lovely friendships in school.