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Our Data

In 2014 the Government introduced the new National Curriculum.  Along with the change of curriculum the government changed the structure of assessment for Key Stage 1. Children are no longer assessed using levels. Children are now assessed as working at age related expectations by the end of their current year group.

These will be reported as

Working Towards Age Related expectations

Working At Age Related expectations

Working at Greater Depth within the Age Related expectations.

Assessment is a continual process used by Teachers to monitor the children’s progress as they advance through the Academy. Teachers use evidence from the children’s work along with observations to update the tracking system every half term. At The Ferrars Academy we use Target Tracker a program specifically devised for tracking children’s progress and producing data.

When the half termly tracking has been updated, teachers meet with the Headteacher, Assessment Co-ordinator and SENCO to discuss the progress made by the children. Where children have not made the expected progress intervention groups are put into place to assist the children’s progress and attainment. If concerns about a pupil’s learning and or development continue we will discuss this with you and, with your permission, may ask for advice from external agencies.

Please click on the attachments below for information about our results.