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School Council

The Ferrars Academy School Council




On Wednesday 18th September children at The Ferrars Academy voted for one boy and one girl in their classes to be their school council representatives. The children had created posters and displayed them around the school to campaign for votes. They were then able to vote for their representatives throughout the day in the DT room where booths were set up for a secret ballot. Their classmates picked the candidates they thought would be able to represent them well, get their voices heard and are great role models for the school. On Monday 23rd September we had an assembly to announce the successful candidates from each class.

Congratulations to our winner and commiserations to our runners up it was a very close result! Our lucky winners are:





Keanu and Aamina Angelo and Zeenat


Mahbubull and Aminah Dimitrios


Muhammad and Chloe Zayan and Ashlyn


Kaelyn and Lance Kayla and Ossman


Tawheed and Shay’Quan Zaigham and Anaya


Adam and Amelia Vincent and Nisha



Here are some of the photos from the elections:



The Ferrars Academy School Council 2019-2020

School council will be very busy this year we are to be involved in the following projects:


Autumn term

  • Chn to create posters to gain votes
  • Vote on Wednesday 18th September
  • Results in assembly on Monday 23rd  September at 1.20pm 1st meeting as a group on 25th September- establish the chair person and secretary
  • Start discussing and establishing playground buddies
  • Finish of Playground buddy preparation and explain poppy selling
  • Children to sell poppies around the school and to deliver a presentation to Over 60s about remembrance
  • Walk to school posters wk bg 7th October posters to be made on 2nd October.
  • Road safety preparation.             
  • LPPA ongoing
  • 1st road safety patrol on TBC and evaluated.
  • Preparation for Christmas fayre and selling items created- TBC
  • 2nd road safety patrol and evaluate in meeting dates to be confirmed.
  • Make posters and tags for popcorn sale at Christmas fayre
  • Make popcorn to sell carry on for weeks leading up to Christmas fayre

Spring term

  • SC to walk around school and evaluate what they would change
  • speak about hospital NIC Unit
  • Arrange a visit children to write a letter
  • Possible visit and gather ideas to help NICU
  • Discuss ideas and decide what to create to help
  • Children to speak to Helping Hands about crafts they would like created
  • Road Safety Patrol and evaluation in next meeting
  • Discuss role of mayor
  • Visit mayor and meet to evaluate what we’ve learnt/ aspirations
  • Year 2 Corridor display
  • School Council to meet and discuss with Principle on how to decorate the Y2 corridor

Summer term

  • Complete or carry on ongoing projects
  • Other projects TBA


Mascot competition

During one of our meetings where we discussed the road safety campaign school council carry out, the children thought it would be a good idea if we had a road safety mascot. The school councillors designed a whole school competition where they would ask classes to design a mascot which would be turned into a stuffed toy and costume by the talented Mrs Allen and taken on patrols with us. We had so many brilliant designs which made it extremely hard to choose and the winner will be announced when the Academy returns to normal.

Living Willow Project

As you are aware the Living Willow Project has been set up in memory of the late Ms Oliver. We have been fortunate enough to help plant and maintain the willow in conjunction with the Eco-Warriors. School Council helped design a dome, tunnel and an archway which were constructed with the help from Mel from ‘Out to Learn Willow’.  We took it in turns to help dig, measure and plant the willow in the ground. The school Council then held an assembly with Eco Warriors for the rest of the school to explain what they had done. The living willow is now blooming and turning into a spectacular play area. We can’t wait for everyone to have a go and play inside it.

Together as a community we raised…£150




Book corner competition

Just before we broke up from school, Miss Armstrong and the School Council launched a book corner competition. This was to help the teachers and children promote reading in their classes by revamping and creating an inviting reading corner using pupil voice. Classes were asked to design and create their book corners making them more accessible and enjoyable areas to read in. When we come back and they are up and running we can judge them with Miss Green who will give the winning class some brand new books and the teachers have a special prize which is going home early on a Friday- what a treat!

New meeting day

Don’t forget your meetings are now on Tuesday lunchtimes from 12-12.30 pm, not Wednesdays.


Buddy bands

In the Autumn term the school council children decided they would like to re-introduce the Buddy Band scheme.  This is when the School Council children wear orange bands out in the playground so that all children know that this is someone they can go to if they feel they have not got anyone to play with.




To look at what we have discussed please click on the minutes and agendas below: